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Automation of Plants

Automation of Plants
Our services including design and supply of control panel boards and switchgears. PLC programming and SCADA development Preparing technical submitting and documentation. Technical support, startup and training.

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

PLC control system helps to realize the process and plant performance in the safe, reliable and efficient manner. With over 25 years’ of experience, we can provide the strategic automation solution that enable your process to operate safe and efficiently as possible. Our extensive experience together with highly skilled resources helps to deliver the control system in best workmanship and good industrial practice.


A SCADA system can be spread across different locations, sometimes over a wide geographical area, or contained within a single facility. SCADA is extensively used in the petrochemical industry, drinking water delivery systems, wastewater collection systems, pipelines and a range of other industrial processes.

Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs)

HMI stands for human-machine interface and refers to a dashboard that enables a user to communicate with a machine, computer program or system. Technically, you could apply the term HMI to any screen that someone uses to interact with a device, but it’s typically used to describe such screens used in industrial settings. HMIs display real-time data and allow a user to control machinery using a graphical user interface.


A DCS is a automated control system that is distributed throughout a machine to provide instructions to different parts of the machine. Each section / part of a machine has its own computer that controls and manages the operation.